About Telsa Group

Telsa Group was established in the middle of 2015, but its presence is not confined to this date. The group achievements preceded its official appearance and announcement.

Our Group works in the field of communications, control and surveillance services, as well as engineering and related studies and consultancy in the field of modern concepts of intelligent systems, advanced infrastructure services and the society culture development in order to keep abreast of modernity in developed countries.

Through 65 employees, our companies also provide all Internet services, software applications, and electronic payment services, and a strong vision to expand further every day.

These areas are nowadays deemed as the most important specialties with a highly effective impact on supporting the development process in our country.

Soon, our name intertwined with what our country is going through and developing along with it.

Our Vision

Telsa Group being the only name in the Telecommunications and Reconstruction sector.

Our Gouls

  • Participation in the construction and reconstruction process of our nation, Syria
  • Belief and work ethic which are in coordination with the fact that serving the homeland is much important than any financial interest that can be achieved, especially within the current period
  • Build a strong reputation for the group to be its gateway to enter the investment world.
  • Specialization and exclusivity in the field of Communications and Information Technology to expand and spread in everything related to this sector and field.

Our Staff

Telsa Group Administrative, Technical and Operational staff are the most imperative element and a vital factor for our success and excellence. In conjunction, we aim for continuity and rapid development and our qualified staff is distinguished in the rapid growth of Telsa Group.

The founders of the group chose its staff members from the finest young expertise and ICT specialists.

Drawing by one policy and methodology which is:
Public Interest is more important than the private interest