Our Focus

Telsa Group focuses on moving forward with every element in mind: technology, communications, customized solutions, rebuilding, and all that a sector or nation may need support with. When it comes to IT and solutions, our team is fully equipped to integrate Odoo with the client in mind and expand beyond their horizon.


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About Odoo

Odoo is an integrated and comprehensive ERP system which was developed according to the highest international standards. The system is characterized by monitoring and automating all kinds of business and activities for all companies according to its documents’ workflow and respective fields of operation.

All applications that provided by Odoo are interrelated, integrated and easy to apply to organizations regardless the level of complexity, volume of operations or number of users.

Odoo ERP system provides the company with all the required information and reports that lead to its success. It integrates the divisional resource planning within the organization through a centralized database among all applications. It facilitates easy registration of all transactions on this system without errors and redundancies, and it enhances the efficiency of the organization's work.

Odoo simplifies, and integrates business processes and work steps for all business departments in the organization such as financial management, human resource management, procurement management, sales and distribution management, and other departments.